About Us

February 8th, 2014 | 1-6PM | Georgia Theatre 


We want to reward those who give back. It’s not about us - it’s about you. If you want to fight, you pick the cause for which you brawl. If you want to watch 12 action packed amateur boxing bouts followed by a kick-ass concert at the Georgia Theatre, you choose the cause that your ticket benefits through our unique cause discount codes. Not only will these codes get you $5 off the event price, but also it puts $5 from your ticket into your chosen fight pot, which is split 70/30 between the fighters after the corresponding bout. Enjoy unparalleled entertainment, supporting causes you care about and don’t miss the action at Georgia Theatre on February 8th. 


We believe philanthropies should focus on two things: outreach and actually aiding the cause they claim to help. Fundraising should be outsourced to third-party, specialized consultants, like us, so that philanthropies can focus on their other priorities. We seek to use this event to raise substantial funds for causes that our attendees care about, and we want to take some of the financial pressure off of philanthropies who work hard to help others.  We will expand our charity-boxing and concert Brawl events into the young professional market in 2014, and we hope you pick a cause to support while we embark on this journey together.